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    8 vital KPIs for the Service Department (part 2)

    “We’re measuring everything, but keep getting the same results”… this is a common problem reported by managers who are faced with an immensity of data that doesn’t seem to say anything in particular. The best tools won’t work without good practices and training.

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    KPI,  Services

    8 vital KPIs for the Service Department (part 1)

    To understand the importance of KPIs (key performance indicators), it is useful to think about the journey of a ship: the captain must have the essential tools to know where the ship is headed and what problems are on the horizon. These tools will help the captain make timely decisions and reach the destination successfully. Not having them is akin to sailing blindly, which greatly increases the risk of arriving at unexpected shores.

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    Technician Performance Report

    The Service Manager needs to monitor that technician hours are fully utilized in the workshop, and that each technician performs their work within the expected time. The objective of this is to ensure that the after-sales department not only helps cover the dealership’s fixed costs, but that it generates more revenue.