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Innovative tools for the dealership workshop

Global trends, added to the local and regional panorama, will require focusing on after-sales to make dealerships more profitable, but also to offer a unique experience to customers.

In sales, we are used to overcoming any obstacle in order to achieve our sales goals. However, the best decisions are those …

We’re happy to announce that Futuro Zero, a digital transformation company in Peru, is now an official Autologica partner and thus a part of our growing international project.

When we think of innovation we tend to focus on products and services, but we can also innovate how we do things… we recently began implementing the OKR methodology to help us achieve the goals that we define at Autologica. We’ve been working with the excellent Startia consulting team for several months preparing the roll-out, and formally launched in January.

Here are some of the new features for Autologica Sky DMS and the apps that are part of the Autologica universe in …