• Strategies

    Strategies to re-start proactively

    Although security measures against Covid-19 continue throughout all countries, it is becoming necessary (and even healthy) to spend time thinking about what we are going to do when our workload is back to or close to normal.

  • News

    How we can help during the Covid-19 pandemic

    In the context of the global situation caused by COVID-19 and quarantines that have been implemented in different countries, the Autologica team continues to work normally with all of our usual support channels enabled.

  • Autologica BI | Parts KPI

    3 parts KPI to focus on

    When sales goals are met we often gloss over possible profit leaks caused by process failures, poor practices and operational errors. But when sales decline, we begin to worry about how to address and reduce these losses.

  • Parts

    Detect changes in customer habits with BI (Part 1)

    Why couldn’t I foresee that I was losing my best customers? When someone asks that question, it is usually too late. The most efficient and preventive way to detect changes in customer habits is to assess what customers are buying today.