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Tracker CRM – Latest Features

Novedades de Tracker CRM

These are the new features added to Tracker CRM in the latest version.

Manage customer complaints

You can now manage customer complaints with Tracker CRM. Whenever a complaint is detected, create an issue in Tracker and assign it to a specific dealership employee, who can then contact the customer and resolve their problem.

Close more parts opportunities

Every time a parts opportunity is sold or lost, Tracker saves the stage in which it was closed. This lets you detect your best and worst performing sales stages, so you can improve the sales process and increase your closing ratio.

Speed up the parts sales process

When you close a parts sale in Tracker CRM, you can choose if the prices are in local or foreign currency. This improves the sales process because the transaction that is automatically created in Autologica DMS will be ready to invoice without additional changes.

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