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Modern Vs. Traditional Prospects… Are You Ready for Both?

prospectos modernos vs. prospectos tradicionales

There is a debate around the purchase experience that new generations of buyers expect. One side of the argument says they are looking for fast, digital, stress-free, and dynamic experiences in which they can keep control of the situation.

The other side affirms that this new generation wants a more involved and traditional experience where they can be guided and advised by a knowledgeable salesperson.

Which side is right? The fact of the matter is that both coexist, which is why the dealer must have multiple strategies to address all possibilities.

How can you be prepared?

Modern buyers

These customers use social networks, apps, and websites to research a vehicle before they buy. They trust other customers’ reviews and arrive at the dealership with extensive knowledge of the vehicle they are looking for.

How do you attract and capture them? By offering digital alternatives that do not require a visit to the dealership at the early stages of the purchase process.

  1. We recommend that you count with a website that provides basic information on each unit (performance, autonomy, images and videos, etc.) as well as payment plans, financing, and customer reviews.
  2. Analyze your customers’ cellphones… It is likely that 9 out of 10 have smartphones, especially among younger generations. Smartphone users are very fond of apps, which is reason enough for dealers to have one. Many prospects will lean towards the dealership that has a mobile app where they can search for new and used units before taking other dealers into consideration… it’s all about ease of access to the information they need.

Traditional buyers

The prevalence of this type of customer is a reason to highlight the importance of having salespeople at the dealership. Some prospects prefer going through a sales process in which they are guided by a sales advisor that knows how to counsel them properly.

How do you encourage this? With follow-up strategies and sales tools.

  1. Sales advisors shouldn’t settle with answering the prospect’s questions… They must decipher what is best for that customer and suggest vehicles according to their needs.
  2. In today’s world a CRM is not optional. When used correctly, a dealership’s CRM has a great impact on vehicle, parts, and services sales, and it also offers a repertoire of strategic information: Does the prospect have a big family and thus needs a special vehicle? Is the vehicle used for work? Does the prospect want a vehicle similar to the one they are trading in? This information can help dealers tip the scales in their favor.

Whether they are traditional or modern prospects, structured or flexible, dealers must rely on multiple strategies and tools so as to offer each customer the appropriate purchase experience.

“The percentage of closed deals depends heavily on the experience customers have when interacting with salespeople and the dealership, which is why you should strengthen traditional strategies while adapting to new demands.” Julia Chirife, Marketing & Communication Manager

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