• Choosing the right CRM

    Choosing the right CRM

    Before hiring a salesperson for the sales team their profile is analyzed in detail; the same happens when you design the stages of the sales process. Each process related to the sale involves a great investment of time…  but is the same effort and time invested in choosing a CRM that adapts to these processes?

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    Autologica DMS april update – New Fill Rate report

    Autologica S.A., a specialist in dealer management systems (DMS) for the automotive industry, announced the April update to their dealer management system, which includes features designed to improve operations at the dealership and respond to industry needs.

  • 3 reports to sell more

    3 reports to sell more

    Sales managers of the most profitable dealerships know that good use of information regarding daily operations translates into greater market share, as it allows them to create effective improvement strategies. And better positioning means more sales.