Case study Autologica and Motive Retail address Ford and Volvo integration projects

Case study: Autologica and Motive Retail address Ford and Volvo integration projects

Delivering innovative tools and solutions to dealers is Autologica’s primary mission, integration of those solutions is a key requirement.  The need to integrate our core DMS software with different third party systems and especially the manufacturer OEM systems is expanding daily and becoming more and more complex.

Any time we can work with integration partners who have a well run integration program, it makes a big difference to us and our ability to keep up with new integration requirements.

Autologica has had experience with Motive Retail and their integration automation platform, Motive Integrator, in the automotive and construction equipment industries.  In each case, Motive Retail was engaged by the OEM and supported DMS companies throughout the process of designing, testing, and rolling out new interfaces.

Ford Motor Company and Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) partnered with Motive to help them manage the introduction and deployment of new system interfaces with DMS systems used by their dealers.

Ford Motor Company – Global UDB Integration

Since Ford partnered with Motive Retail in 2010, Motive Integrator has been used by Ford and DMS companies to complete integration projects in over 50 countries. In 2016, Autologica was asked by Ford to develop interfaces to provide them dealer operational data such as repair orders, parts sales, part inventory, service appointments and used vehicle sales.

This was our first experience on a project where Motive Retail was involved and their support was invaluable.  This was a large project and thankfully Ford’s requirements including business scenarios, use cases, technical communications, and data specifications were detailed very clearly within Motive Integrator. The rigorous integration certification testing was also handled within Motive Integrator so it really helped to have the whole process completed in one place.

We are pleased to say Autologica was one of the first DMS to be certified for the Global UDB Integration.

Volvo Construction Equipment – Manufacturer Managed Inventory Integration

This integration enables the DMS to report parts master data information used by Volvo to generate optimal order proposals and send them to the dealer for confirmation/editing before formally submitting their order.

Numerous request/response interfaces had to be developed for this project that required testing and support to ensure we implemented them correctly.  Volvo used Motive Integrator to automate this testing process, effectively providing Autologica (and all DMS companies) a self-service environment to use during our implementation projects.

As a result we were fully certified by Volvo within just a few months.

The Motive Integrator Advantage

In each case, Motive Integrator was crucial to the successful outcome of the projects because:

  • The system was easy to learn and we were able to move through the process of interpreting requirements all the way through to testing quickly.
  • Automated developer testing tools were available and more than ⅔ of the certification tests were fully automated. This meant we received immediate feedback from the system.
  • A knowledgeable support team was available to help us throughout the process and our questions were always answered quickly and clearly.

At Autologica, we’ve found the Motive Integrator process and tools offers the quickest and most efficient way for us to develop and test the integrations we need for our customers.  Saving time developing OEM integrations means we can focus more energy and resources on new features and enhancements in our core software.  It’s really a win for us, for our customers and our OEM partners.

As we look to the future, we hope more companies will consider Motive Retail not just for the benefits they offer a company like Autologica, but also for the value they offer an OEM or anyone attempting to roll out large integration initiatives.

“Our approach has always been about combining best practices, subject matter expertise and software.  As a market focused company we understand not just the technical challenges involved in integration of disparate systems but perhaps just as importantly we understand the industries we operate in.”  Daniel Seats, Principal, Motive Retail


Motive Retail specializes in helping organizations simplify complex system integration problems and partners with some of the largest names in Automotive, Powersports, Collision, and Construction Equipment. Headquartered in the U.S., they supported over 200 integration projects across 63 countries in 2018 alone.

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