February Updates of Autologica DMS

We updated our dealer management system, which includes features designed to improve operations at the dealership and respond to industry needs. This are the most important features:

New Features

New Fill Rate report

This new report allows dealers to measure parts availability based on existing inventory at the time the customer’s order is generated, and not based on the quantity delivered/shipped. This highlights a different concept in which priority is given to whether or not sufficient parts were available at the time the customer requested them.

This useful for dealers and importers who consolidate large orders from their customers and make a single weekly dispatch for logistics.


Renault Dealers – Improvements in billing and packing note interfaces

Every day Renault dealers must process invoice files and packing notes sent to them by the factory. To speed up this process, the following improvements were made to Autologica’s Renault interfaces:

  • Dealers can process the files received from Renault directly, without converting the files to other formats.
  • Dealers can process all files together, and not one by one.
  • Packing notes and invoices are always related. If the invoice is processed before the packing note, the relation between them is made when the packing note is received.
  • New filters in the preview screen.


New “Evolution of collections” and “Evolution of payments” reports

In order to analyze collections and payments from customers and suppliers, new reports were created that show collections for each customer and payments to each supplier totalized by time period (month, quarter, etc.)


Parts depreciation

This functionality is useful so that the dealers can reduce the value of parts in stock valued at FIFO, and record the loss due to devaluation.

The loss is generated with the date of the depreciation, and then the cost of the sale of these parts is calculated as the difference between the cost of the purchase minus its depreciated value.


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