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Technician Performance Report

The Service Manager needs to monitor that technician hours are fully utilized in the workshop, and that each technician performs their work within the expected time. The objective of this is to ensure that the after-sales department not only helps cover the dealership’s fixed costs, but that it generates more revenue.


Through the Technician Performance Reports, you can analyze:

Efficiency: Shows the cost of each hour that was invoiced to the client. In other words, how many hours were invoiced and how much time was worked.

Productivity: This indicator shows how a technician’s available time is used to perform repairs. The hours available arise from the total hours “purchased” from the technician, minus hours allocated to other non-repair tasks (clean-up, etc.) that are unproductive but need to be tracked.

Performance: Measured as Billed hours / Available hours. By analyzing the productivity and efficiency of each technician, managers can work to improve the performance of technicians and measure how many available hours were billed.

All of this information allows the Service Manager to analyze the performance of each technician, which facilitates decision making. Reports can be filtered by store, workshop and technician to analyze total invoiced hours, times and amounts, “Charge-to” (customer, warranty, courtesy, internal, other), and more.

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