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    Welcome Aker SRL

    Aker SRL, part of the Euro Repar Car Service global network of maintenance and repair shops, has chosen Autologica DMS.

  • Autologica Overview

    Autologica Overview 2019

    Throughout 2019 we added new features to our DMS and other dealer applications to help our clients better manage their dealerships.

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    Interface between Autologica DMS and Vinaudit

    Autologica DMS has an interface with VinAudit, a leading service that provides vehicle history reports for vehicles registered in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, based on the vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

  • Cyber Security - Autologica DMS

    Cybersecurity tips for your dealership

    Server, network and business equipment security cannot be solved with only an antivirus. Does it help to have it? Yes, but if it is not accompanied by a data protection and control policy, it is likely that a malicious program will bypass that barrier and generate great damage in the dealership.